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What's Web Analytics?

Online sites generally have Internet marketing. They use a digital strategy to reach a wide audience and improve their sales, especially in the case of e-commerce sites. However, they need additional techniques to ensure better performance.

Web analytics or digital analytics has a great advantage for natural referencing and optimization. It allows information to be collected using measurement tools (such as Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager) to determine the number of visitors, their behavior, and actions on the page. These results are analyzed in order to draw useful conclusions to improve the visibility of the site. These data can also be used to produce statistics that are very useful in improving or defining a business strategy.

Improve website’s performance

The first step in using web analytics is to collect information. This collection can be done with different tools, each with its own characteristics. Depending on your needs and preferences, we choose the most suitable tool for different measurements. However, Google Analytics remains a very popular tool in this field for its characteristics.

The results collected are then analyzed to obtain very interesting information. The first results will provide information such as the number of visitors, their category, or the number of purchases. Further analysis will make it possible to study the visitor’s behavior in terms of ergonomics or site display.

Thanks to these studies, we can considerably increase the number of visits or purchases on e-commerce sites. Our agency offers you these different services with very interesting terms and conditions to maximize your return on investment.

To improve your visibility and obtain better results on your website, to succeed in your web project, opt for effective and efficient SEO techniques.


Better user experience

  • Our agency offers hearings to provide you with audits and consultations with great precision.
  • You can with us set up the visibility of your site on social media.
  • We ensure quality services and the security of your information.
  • We produce large volumes of sites and offer the possibility of making management.

Our agency provides you with a web consultant, from the design of your web page to the achievement of your objectives. However, it can intervene at any stage to assist you.