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Data Analysis

Our Data Analysis Agency

Data Analysis-service

How does Data Analysis work?

Efficient data collection is a fundamental first step toward identifying untapped metrics, developing actionable reports, and ultimately, driving profits. While we gain plenty of insight from vanity metrics (e.g., pageviews, bounce rates, and social followers), the bulk of our content strategy is built on metrics involving action (e.g., who is coming to your site, who is converting and from which channels, and what conversions are deepening relationships).

What's Data Analysis blueprint?

What does this data mean, and what is the team supposed to do with it?

With the knowledge gained through not only the data but also our extensive market and competitor research, our digital marketers work with designers, developers, and writers to produce actionable reports that directly inform content strategy.

Data Analysis-service

Why hire us?

You won’t meet too many agencies that proactively test and optimize site content regularly. Using our proprietary tracking tools and a variety of third-party resources (e.g., heat maps, scroll depth tracking, click-tracking overlays) to A/B test, Creation Site & Seo never stop improving our clients’ conversion rates and usability.