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Community Manager

Our Community Management Agency

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What Is Included?


We manage your Instagram account with customized content for your business.


We manage your Facebook page with content specially created for your business.


Our Instagram bot allows us to automate all your interactions and thereby to grow your account organically and segmented in a very short time.


We’re experts on Facebook and Instagram Ads. For this reason, we can help you to optimize your social media advertising strategy and increase your income.


To develop a marketing plan will allow us to improve your business branding and to increase your reach in social networks.

Why Trust Our COMMUNITY MANAGER Services?

Creation Site & Seo specialize in Branding and social networks. We know how to approach your customers and how to improve your business image.

Instagram algorithm changes often. That’s why we keep updated and we use it in our favor to increase your business visibility.

We mainly work with bars and restaurants. That’s why we’ve many experiences in your field and we know what kind of content creation to have a positive impact.

Our Community Manager Services include content creation for Instagram and reposting on Facebook, so you won’t have anything to worry about!

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How Does It Work?

CONTACT US: The first step to your project success is to get in touch with us. We’re always interested in learning more about your business.

AUDIT: A detailed study of your company is the next step. We’ll analyze your clients and competitors to develop a strategy adapted to your needs.

MARKETING PLAN: Once we know the starting point, we have to trace a marketing plan that allows us to increase your visibility in different social networks.

IMPLEMENTATION: The next step is the implementation of all the actions of the plan, both in the technical aspects and in content creation.

MONTHLY CONTROL: We measure the effectiveness of our actions every month. Hereby we determine which techniques are working and which ones we should modify.

NEW TECHNIQUES: The latest trends and social network algorithms are always changing. Our duty is to be at the forefront and put the new techniques in your hand.